Rent an Office or work from Home?

March 30, 2018

Rent an Office or work from Home?

Do both!

Virtual Offices give you both for cheaper

Working from home can have its problems, all the distractions and irritations that come up. The time wasting, family interruptions and lack of infrastructure.

Articles like this, “Work From Home or Rent an Office? Pros and Cons,” from Money Talk News give a good pro and con oversight forthe dilemma that faces many self employed people and small business owners.

Compare that though to the cost of signing a lease for 3 years at $2000 per month. Then you have to furnish it, get a water cooler, a printer and scanner, janitorial services…the list goes on and you end up with a big liability.

Apex Office Centers offers you the best of both worlds. You can have a Virtual Office and let us answer the phone for you and pass on your calls wherever you are and take messages when you are in a meeting.

So you never miss that important client call!

You can also Rent a Small Office from us on a short contract of 4 months, so that you have somewhere professional to go every day with no home distractions, buy you also don’t have the worry of a lease or liabilities around your neck.

The Money Talk News article talks about Virtual Offices and using Executive Suites like Apex Office Centers. The added benefits of using our services are when you go on holiday. You do not want to lose business, do you?

How many potential clients call a competitor just because you did not take the call?

Apex Office Centers can answer your phone for you while you are away. Just one saved client call by us will make our service hugely worthwhile. Make a profit while you relax!

Apex Office Centers have offices for rental right now, here in Roseville California, and we also provide Virtual Office for companies and self employed people anywhere.

Call Apex Office Centers now at 916-677-4200 or contact directly John on 530-687-2509 or mail:


 by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers