‘Selling women in Scenes’

July 7, 2017

‘Selling women in Scenes’

Did you know that ‘Selling women in Scenes’ no longer a thing at Disney?

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the skits from their Pirates of the Caribbean show that used to depict a scene where women were being auctioned off to the highest bidder is now being phased out.

The show used to have the ladies all lined up and being sold off with a sign saying “Auction, take a wench for a bride” whereas the new version will have a group of general townsfolk line duo to surrender their valuables with the new sign saying ,”Auction, Surrender yer loot”.

These changes will take place next month at the at the Pirates ride in Disneyland Paris and in the Magic Kingdom Park next year.

Its yet another example of the fine line that Disney is trying to walk between guest that object to the depictions of the violence and misogyny of the past but still trying to keep the spirit of the original idea in place.

Some people feel that changing things is bowing too much to political correctness. though we don’t have any data on reactions to the Disney decision, the last pilot study by the American National Election Survey in 2016 found some interesting opinions.

The study offered the recipients the idea that “Some people think that the way people talk needs to change with the times to be more sensitive to people from different backgrounds.”

Others think that this has already gone too far and many people are just too easily offended.

Which is closer to your opinion?

About 62% of people generally showed some opposition to the creeping moves of PC, with more propensity in white people to express opposition rather than blacks and Latinos.

It was more of a complex story when you look at gender.

So when you are back from a vacation that turned into a political minefield on the merits or not of PC, you will be looking forward to getting back to work.

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~ by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers.