Small Business Advise

February 25, 2017

Small Business Advise

Know a small business?…give them this advice

Its hard to run a successful small business as you need to be a jack of all trades and make a profit!

Avoiding some pitfalls can make your business run a lot smoother. If you work from home you have to pretend that you don’t, so get a professional receptionist. It only costs a few dollars a day.

Getting a professional live receptionist can really transform your business image, and having them answering your incoming calls speaks volumes for your business and its operation.

Just check out this new report by All, they recommend the same thing.

25% of business is lost due to unanswered telephone calls. So not only does getting a live receptionist improve your business image it also can increase your business by 25%. Those are two very powerful reasons to consider this.

So, who can do this for you? that is also local…….
Apex Office Centers in Roseville Northern California; a few minutes from Sacramento.

Get Apex to answer the phone for your small business.
We catch those calls you would have missed by being in a meeting and that would have then gone to a competitor by taking the potential clients details so that you can call them straight back…. This reduces that 25% of business otherwise lost.

Our professional receptionists also give the right feel to your business and adds that touch of sparkle. We also offer an Office Suite address, (much more professional than a PO box), a mail service and office rental by the hour or the month.

Apex Office Centers has been helping small businesses and professionals for over a decade; locally and worldwide. Check out our reviews. Find out what people are saying in social networks and business directories.

Don’t wait!! Contact Us! We can help you save money and make more money.