Small Business? Want to cut your overheads?

April 24, 2020

Small Business? Want to cut your overheads?

Cut Overheads

Apex Office centers could be the solution

  • Does your office lease worry you?
  • Are your fixed costs becoming burdensome?
  • Do you feel as if you’re working to keep everyone’s salary going?

How about getting rid of the lease and some of the salaries that you pay!

Apex Office Centers allows you to have an office without signing up for long term leases. We also offer staff that you can pay on an ad hoc basis. A receptionist comes with your rented office…so you don’t need one of them! Any secretarial work or administration can also be covered by us too.

Don’t just take our word for it, read this article about the benefits of shared office space. Running your own business can be stressful and the following article contains many useful tips that can help with that.

This article points out some useful home truths that you need to consider.

  • Do potential new clients call your company when there is no one to answer the phones?
  • Does your receptionist get sick and take time off?
  • Can your company afford the most up to date telephony systems?
  • Could you save money by outsourcing some of your staffs functions?

We have Office Space available, fully furnished private offices for $550-850 per month. signing leases for multi years is not necessary with us, a three month revolving contract is all we require.

We are a serviced office so everything is provided. There is a professional receptionist to greet your clients. They answer your phone when you are not available, liaise with your clients, arrange meetings and whatever else you wish.

With Apex Office Centers we provide solutions to the problems confronted in this article. Its like having staff members that you don’t pay salaries to!

We provide everything you need to run a very successful small business with out having to work from home.

Call us at 916-677-4200 and ask for Sherri or John. Our offices are in the heart of Roseville, next to Sacramento, just off of highway 80.


by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers