Surprised it’s working, bad acting and pretty darn cool

May 29, 2020

Surprised it’s working, bad acting and pretty darn cool

Surprised it’s working, bad acting and pretty darn cool

Apex Office Centers summed up

In this pre Covid photo of Apex fans and a real life Indiana Jones asking if he has arugula stuck in his teeth, we have a good summation of feelings about the Virtual Office Company.

Why an old fashioned telephone answering service appeals to small companies in this tech age surprises a few. Bad acting comes naturally when answering hundreds of calls a day and keeping up the smiles. Mainly though its success has been because it’s just pretty darn cool.

These amigos hiking up the Chama River in New Mexico ruminating about what we could do to improve Apex Office Centers, decided that cucumber sandwiches was probably the only thing we could think of. Maybe lashings of Ginger Beer too.

We offer small companies a way to keep their overheads down and still get to pretend to be a much bigger company! You get to work from home and save on office rent and messing about with a 3 year lease, and have a professional receptionist answer your phone, then patch it through to you all the while making out that you are a busy mogul.

This costs between $79 and $189 a month depending on what level of attention you need from us. Now people usually agree that the price we charge beats paying an office rent.

In addition to the telephone answering malarkey, we also rent out an office to you when you need it, by the hour or the day, with your name on the door! How posh. You get to meet clients and pretend you don’t wear pajamas most of the time. Our receptionists greet your clients and bring them through to you, keeping up appearances with the best of them.

You can have your mail come to our suite address in Sacramento California which sounds mildly better than your office being the red door at Flat 3.

Call us to find out more. Ask for Sherri at 916-677-4200 as John is still stuck on the Chama.

by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers