virtual office.

Missing new business?

You miss 25% of new business when you don’t answer your phone Think about that. What would an increase of 25% of new business look like? The Small Business Bureau announced this figure that could have a huge impact on your phone answering habits. Think how often you miss calls…. […]

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Mailbox or PO Box?

Do you want a Mailbox with a Suite number and not a PO Box? At Apex Office Centers we offer small business owners ways to save money. We can offer the full service with a receptionist, phone answering, rented office…the works, but we also offer whatever individual aspect you need. […]

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Rent an Office or work from Home?

Do both! Virtual Offices give you both for cheaper Working from home can have its problems, all the distractions and irritations that come up. The time wasting, family interruptions and lack of infrastructure. Articles like this, “Work From Home or Rent an Office? Pros and Cons,” from Money Talk News […]

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Increase your business income by 25%

Just make sure that new business calls don’t go to VM! Just think what an increase of 25% of new business would look like? The Small Business Bureau did an analysis recently and its findings showed that new callers don’t leave a message on VM when they have other numbers […]

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