Teotihuacan and the Avenue of the dead

Welcome to Teotihuacan!

Only 50km outside of Mexico City lies the ancient city of Teotihuacan which was massive and one of the largest great cities of the Western world before 1400. How it all started remains a mystery.

It was built by hand more than a thousand years before the arrival of the Aztecs, and reached its peak around 100 BC to 650 AD, covers over 8 sq. miles and was home to more than a hundred thousand people.

The two main buildings are the pyramid of the Sun and the pyramid of the Moon with the huge Avenue of the Dead running up the middle of the complex. One of the mysteries of the city is the absence of any military structures, even though the society would have held sway over the peoples of the surrounding districts.

The violence of its culture is in no doubt and attested by the remains of 137 skeletons found in one spot near the temple. Giving animal and human sacrifices was very common and most have been separated from their heads. It is said that it was a great honor for a local to be picked as a sacrifice but the skeletons mentioned earlier had their hands tied behind their back which suggest something different.

The pyramid of the Sun is perhaps the third largest in the world depending on who you listen to, and unlike many other structures in Mexico and elsewhere you can still walk all the way to the top.

One of the main mysteries is how the city and its society ceased. There is speculation it was a rebellion of the poorer classes against the elites, but an equally good question would be how it survived as a flourishing city for so long.

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