The Benefits Of a Serviced Office

November 8, 2019

The Benefits Of a Serviced Office

Serviced Office

Why a Serviced Office?

 Serviced Offices and Visual Offices and interchangeable and Apex Office Centers in California fits the bill for both. If you are a small one man company working from home, then consider all these points mentioned in this article:

  1. The Transition Made Easier

Changing from a home based small business into a more professional outfit can be expensive and using a serviced office takes all those extra charges away.

  1. Flexible Agreements That Work For You.

It can be difficult to find a shorter lease  for a traditional commercial space. Commercial leases are commonly three to five years, but can go much longer. Commercial property owners are generally not interested in the hassle of a short-term lease. This can be especially inconvenient for entrepreneurs who are looking for a startup office space.  Serviced office space is generally very flexible and they often have month-to-month plans available.

  1. Eliminate Secondary Costs of Traditional Office Space.

The monthly cost of a traditional office space may be lower, but what about the much higher initial costs and secondary expenses? The price of a traditional office space is much more than simply the rental price. You must factor in maintenance, cleaning, furnishing the space, and several other costs that come with a traditional office space to understand the true monthly cost.

  1. Work with a Professional Administrative Staff.

In addition to the hurdle of finding an office with a short-term lease, a traditional office will also need people to help you run and maintain your office. This means going through the process of posting available jobs, interviewing candidates, and hiring suitable staff. A serviced office eliminates the need to hire administrative staff, maintenance staff, and janitorial staff. A serviced office will come fully staffed. Not only will you save time and effort by not having to go through the hiring process, but answering calls and many other day-to-day tasks and distractions are eliminated as well.

  1. Prestige of Your Own Serviced Office Space.

A home office may be fine for the initial stage of a startup company, but what about when you need to impress potential investors or meet with a client? It can be harder to come across as a worthy investment if your company does not warrant a space outside of your own home. A modern, well-furnished, and fully serviced office space makes a great first impression and sets the tone for positive and professional interactions with anyone who visits your office.

  1. Pay for What You Need.

When you take a traditional office space, you are generally paying for a large amount of space that is rarely used. Meeting rooms and extra office space can all add up to a lot of money. If you find a suitable lease in New York, you may want a larger office than you currently need to allow for your company to grow. This is wise planning for the future, but you will be paying for space that you do not currently utilize. A fully serviced lease allows you to pay for only the space that you need and makes future expansion very easy.

For more information contact John or Sherri on 916-677-4200. Plans start at $79 per month.


by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers