The Best Office Location

January 18, 2019

The Best Office Location

Apex Office Centers: A Virtual Office In Roseville

When building up your small business it becomes pivotal to secure an office location to maintain a professional image for your growing company. Virtual offices have become a ready solution in meeting the needs of small business owners in providing receptionists, mailing addresses, conference rooms, and office space without the price of securing your own business location.

An Apex client commented:

“The team is very helpful and actually get to know your business needs, it is personable and customer oriented . . . [Their] knowledge and approach is professional, reliable, and comforting.”

Though virtual offices offer a cost effective solution for your business needs, small business owners are motivated to remain personable to clients. This is where Apex Office Centers stands out from other virtual offices. When entrusting your phone calls to Apex you can be assured that your clients will be met with the same warm and personable service that you would provide yourself. So not only are you cashing in on the benefits of creating a professional image with Apex, but also maintaining the integrity of your business. Essentially, Apex Office Centers provides a custom fit service to fit your small business needs.

With other virtual offices the price of expanding also comes to sacrificing a personable atmosphere. Apex offers the best of both worlds when expanding your business to a more professional setting. Whether you work from home or simply don’t have the resources to expand to your own office, Apex will help you expand your business in a warm and professional manner.

We offer many plans to suit your kind of business, whether it be phone answering, office rental, a mix of both or maybe just mail delivery to a professional suite address. Apex can work with your company to come up with plan that suits you. You also do not have to sign up for long periods as our plans come with a 3 month revolving duration.

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~ by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers