The Security of Executive Suites and Virtual Offices

July 21, 2018

The Security of Executive Suites and Virtual Offices

Small Business?

As a small business person we all experience similar emotions. Worry, stress, elation occasionally then back to stress and worry. In today’s uncertain world its not easy making predictions on where your business will go. Its hard to make decisions that affect your bottom line so much, like signing office leases, hiring staff with medical insurance as well as kitting out an office. When you look at your P&L you see trends that may or not occur and you worry some more and the figures that scream back at you are the office rental total and your staff costs.

Those are the two biggest overheads for the average small business person.

Executive Office Suites takes a lot of this stress away. Here at Apex Office Centers we take on that responsibility so that you don’t have to. You can work form home and drop those two huge overheads from your P&L. Just go ahead and imagine that…what would you profit margin look like?

At Apex Office Centers we can rent you an Executive Suite on a monthly basis, or hourly should you prefer. In one swoop, your lease liability has disappeared!

You can work virtually…..from your home office…. and let us answer the phone for you using your business name and patching the call through to you. If you are in meeting we can take messages or even book clients in to appointments to see you. Its like having staff that you don’t have to pay. You also don’t have to deal with staff hiring problems anymore. The worry and stress can just drop off.

Virtual Offices are the future and Apex Office centers adapt their offerings to match what our clients need and can design virtual office plans that suit your pocket and your expectations.

Do you need a Post Service?, Mail forwarding?, a receptionist?, an answer service?, administration help?, meeting arranging or scheduling?, office rental?, executive suite hire?, Conference room use?, fed ex delivery…the list of what Apex Office centers does goes on for quite a while. We give small companies a lot so that you can save money and flourish.

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by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers