June 27, 2019

The Village of Plockton


Plockton voted Prettiest Village in Britain

 Even though it has a slightly strange name, the remote Scottish hamlet of Plockton has been voted prettiest village. My brother and I cycled through a few weeks ago and I can report that it is indeed a stunner of a wee place.

 The name comes from the Gaelic word Ploc which means lumpish promontory added to the English word Town and you get Plockton.

 It sits on a natural harbor, and fishing was it main income when its first mentioned in the annals during the 19th century. The estate including the Ploc promontory was put up for sale in 1798 and it was bought by Sir Hugh Innes who began its transformation into a village. He then built a castle which adds to the beauty and overall cuteness of the place. It’s picture postcard.

 Apex Office Centers has a connection with Plockton as we have been voted the prettiest Virtual Office by someone who has seen 3 other places, so if that’s not excellent credentials, what is?

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by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers