Think Outside the Cubicle

Think Outside the Cubicle

Save Time and Money with Shared Office Space

Apex knows that starting up your own business is a costly investment. At some point, it becomes an absolute necessity to move your office out of your home and into a more professional setting. CNBC reported that by the year 2020 they estimate 65 million Americans will be freelancers, contributing to the growing trend of shared office space as a ready solution. That is why small business owners are thinking outside of the box when it comes to resources including office space.

As mentioned in a previous post, business owners face a hefty price tag of up to $50,000 just to get an office up and running! Often times, the investment in office space is daunting. Apex has been assisting local business owners in providing quality shared office space since 2000. When clients call in their primary concern is finding a good location and office space that will meet their daily needs. No matter if you need a conference room or an office space to rent, Apex will give you the flexibility you need with a fraction of the cost of leasing your own office space.

Another reason small business owners are teaming up with Apex is the resources we have at the ready because we are already up and running and furnished! Renting one of our offices or conference room gives you immediate access to WiFi, phone lines, mailboxes, fax machine and copier, and office staff. So you your time can be spent focusing on your clients instead of spending time setting up a functional office.

So if you’re looking for a foward-thinking solution when taking your business to a professional setting it is as simple as contacting Apex today! We can help you further invest in your business!

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