Traffic Improvement- Simple things we can do

August 18, 2017

Traffic Improvement- Simple things we can do

traffic chaos

Simple things we can do to improve our lives and our  towns and cities…..

– Shared Spaces

I came across a great article showing videos of traffic in cities where they have removed all traffic signs and traffic lights, or they were never there in the first place. Engineers and city designer have watched them and are thinking …is it chaos or not?

Check out the video of a junction in Addis Ababa the capitol of Ethiopia, the ambiguity helps to make everything work and in many cases even to improve the overall flow of traffic. Another advantage of this method is that the road becomes a shared space not just the domain of the car.

It does not always work, granted, and in countries where there is low number of cars per head and the streets are all shared spaces anyway, then the death toll is high. The studies show though that once the number of cars increases the death toll plummets. As people become accustomed and more experienced with traffic they deal with it better. In the UK since 1950, the death rate from accidents per vehicle has declined by 96%.

So I then had a look at what else we can do to improve our lives by simple means in the shared spaces around us.

This article was made for Micro Week in 2016 sharing urban invention that even though they may be tiny, can have a disproportionate large positive result.

Some may be silly to you but others may resonate and its worth a look.

Check out number 22, design fake signs and how to network your alleys.

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