Turn to Virtual Offices

August 5, 2016

Turn to Virtual Offices

Your Business Solution: Virtual Offices

Virtual offices like Apex have been assisting small business owners in the Roseville area for more than 10 years. So why have businesses, both large and small, been turning to virtual offices like Apex to meet their needs versus a traditional office space?

When most companies turn to virtual office solutions, they are looking to save money by reducing the cost of maintaining a physical office and staff. However, most business professionals agree that a physical location is important to establish a professional image and install trust from clientele. Customers are more at ease and trusting of businesses that have a physical and professional meeting space. So when  you hire a virtual office like Apex you won’t have to worry about scheduling a time to meet out of your home or at a noisy public place. Apex provides a meeting space for you, making your exchanges with clients count in a more professional setting.

Entrepreneur Magazine advises, ” . . .  ‘Virtual’ office space [is] a low-cost solution if all you need is a place to meet with clients one or twice a week or seek the more professional image that a [physical] business address can bring.”

With professional office rent on the rise, an increase of 10.6% in rent last year alone according to Sacramento News Review, renting your own  office is becoming  more expensive for small business owners. Apex is a better solution for any business looking to save money so you can concentrate on the growth of your business. With services such as meeting rooms, mailboxes, conference rooms, personable receptionists complete with and optimal Roseville location, Apex is a standout option for your office needs!

If your business is lacking that professional touch, contact Apex today to discuss your personal business needs.

Apex has been assisting business owners in the Roseville area for more than 10 years.

So why choose Apex for your office needs?

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