May 30, 2019

Tyndrum, Scotland

Tyndrum, Scotland

I came across this ruin whilst walking through the Tyndrum area and found out that it was a very old monastery that had been built by followers of St Finnan, who, around the 4th Century had followed St Columba from Iona and was spreading christianity in Scotland.

Before he started this endeavor his life had been completely different. He was reputed to have lived a life of plunder and pillage. He became ill though and did that old ‘repent for help’ thingy that people do when they are desperate. So he committed himself to building churches as a form of recompense. Once he recovered from his illness though he reneged a bit and said that roofs were not part of the bargain with god, so he did not cover any of his churches with a roof. That does sound pretty plain silly, but it is religion we are talking about.

One notable fact about Tyndrum is that it is the smallest settlement in the UK with more than one railway station. Partly this is due to the legacy of railways after 2 separate lines belonging to 2 different railway companies but the main reason is geographical, splitting the line meant that the contours of the mountains could be used to avoid very steep falls and climbs. So each line is on separate sides of the glen to go in different directions, north and west.

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by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers