Unusual Holidays Ideas

Unusual Holidays Ideas

Unusual Holiday Ideas-Scotland

Are you thinking in holidays? Europe?

A wonderful article about original and free accommodation in Europe got me thinking about holidays that are a little bit different from the usual.

This was the brainchild of a young architect in the 90’s who designed and built a holiday structure that sleeps 6, has minimal amenities but it costs nothing to stay there. He has since added many more, all around Bordeaux in France and are part of a 160km walking loop around the city of Boucle Vert.

Also worth looking at is the West Highland Way in Scotland, the 100 mile walk across the highlands taking you up the 17 miles of the banks of Loch Lomond where feral goats roam, but you smell them before you see them, so its very safe! You then climb over the Black Mount range of mountains into Glen Coe and eventually find your way to Fort William.

Highland Cattle and Feral goats-Holidays in Scotland

The only dangers of this trek is that you have to eat in Scottish eating establishments every lunch and supper time where the great idea of Scampi and chips can quickly sour. One advantage though is staying in peoples homes over the 10 day hike as often hotels are not available since you really are in the middle of nowhere. An enterprising soul started the
business of picking up your rucksack for you at your B and B and taking it on to your next one, so that you only need to carry your day bag. It gives you an incentive to make it through the miles that day.

Scotland-John in Holidays

Scotland-Holidays with friends

The USA has its famous walks including the Pacific Crest, the Appalachian and the John Muir Trails.

So here are some less well known walking holidays in Europe including Iceland, Bulgaria and the Balkans.

After all that holidaying you may need to get back to business and contact Apex Office Centers in California to drum up some income for your next adventure.
Go for it!