Vietnam. How much do you know?

July 21, 2017

Vietnam. How much do you know?


Vietnam, a growth story

Interesting observations about Vietnam

  • Vietnam ranked second for sex ratio > at birth amongst Hot countries in 2013.
  • Vietnam ranked first for population amongst Former French colonies in 2013.
  • Vietnam ranked first for secondary education, duration > years amongst East Asia and Pacific in 2012.
  • Vietnam ranked first for tax > GDP per capita > constant LCU globally in 2012.
  • Vietnam has had the highest world bank exchange rate since 1989.
  • Vietnam has had the highest GNI per capita > constant LCU since 2003.
  • Vietnam ranked second last for GDP amongst Non-religious countries in 2012.

Vietnam with a growth rate of over 6% GDP is one of the strongest in the world. Compare that to California, at 2.9% for 2016, which is still going at a good clip.

The current world economic situation is proving difficult for previous success stories like China and Singapore where trade exports are decreasing, but Vietnams is increasing.

“Companies setting up plants in the country, such as Samsung Electronics Co., are transforming the nation into a manufacturing hub for electronics goods, including smartphones. The Asian Development Bank forecast Vietnam’s economic growth at 6.3 percent in 2017.” Bloomberg.

 Ho Chi Minh the main business city, which is still referred to as Saigon, especially the center, has its issues from this growth; transport for instance where 91% is by motorcycle. The government is about to open a new Metro system which is hoped to take a 40-50% share of the transport burden who could change the city dramatically.

Saigon Traffic

At present the sidewalks are just an extra elevated slice of road to motorcycles which makes sightseeing hazardous. Walking across roads, even at crossings is a heart stopping event for the uninitiated. Stare straight ahead, keep your pace constant and pray to whatever you think works. The motorbikes just snake around you like a river changing to accommodate a boulder. Read more.

Saigon-Bike Loaded

Saigon Bikes

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