Virtual Office and Savings

May 24, 2019

Virtual Office and Savings

Virtual Offices? Might Be Your Answer To Saving Costs!

 Apex Office Centers is one of those Virtual Offices you hear about. We are based in the Sacramento area and what we do is to answer the telephone for people who work from home. This way you sound more professional…you sound like a bigger company…you don’t miss calls when you are in meetings, so you don’t miss out on new business. Business research has shown that just not missing those calls can increase our business dramatically.

 We also answer the telephone for people who used to have an office, but realized they did not need one once when they started using Apex Office Centers, and these clients of ours save a lot of money.

 One client had an increase in business of 25% in their first 3 months of using us. He used to be on the phone a lot, so he missed a lot of potential business calls, but now that Apex answers his calls we can take down the details and schedule appointments.

 Having a professional receptionist does a lot for any business. It adds a lot of cache which is understandably undefinable but it does give solidity and credibility.

 We also do Hourly Office Rental. So we can schedule you an appointment with a new client and book you into one of our executive suites for an hours meeting.

So Apex Office Centers is like having an extra employee. Our receptionists are like your staff, but without the salary!

 Some clients rent offices by the month from us so that they have a permanent base, but it works out much cheaper than getting an office on your own, signing 3 year leases and all the stress and risks involved in that.

 We have a Conference Room available for rent hourly which can handle large groups and depositions.

 We also provide a professional Suite Address for companies which has a better feel than a PO box and again gives your company much more credibility. We collect your mail and can send it to you wherever you are in the world.

 So Apex Office Centers in Roseville California, could be the answer you have been looking for.

Call us today. 916-677-4200. Ask for John or Sherri.


by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers