Voice Mail or Answering Service?

Voice Mail or Answering Service?

How many business calls go to your Voice Mail?

Apex Office Centers outside Sacramento offers a telephone answering service, so we may be biased when answering this question, but it was put to the CEO of an online media and marketing company, this is what she said:

“….I did an informal study a few months ago by scanning the recorded calls generated from a bunch of PPC campaigns my company was managing for small businesses. Those calls – leads for which the small businesses had paid, often dearly -went to voice mail at least 4 out of 5 times.
And guess what? When the prospects hit voice mail, they hung up without leaving a message in at least the same proportions. Marketing dollars down the drain.
This is why I preach the value of answering services to just about every small business I encounter. No vested interest, just a personal mission to get human beings answering the phones at small businesses.”

So if you have a small business its worth asking the same question.
Are your marketing dollars going down the drain because you don’t pick up the calls?

At Apex Office Centers, in Roseville, we catch those calls, get the details you need and pass that information to you so you can translate that call into new business. Its like having an extra staff member, but you don’t need to pay their salary. We take a monthly fee, but our plans start at $59 per month, that’s worth looking into!

If we catch one call for you per month that translates into new business it pays for itself. At Apex Office Centers we catch multiple calls every week for our clients. We make them money.

Having a professional receptionist to answer your business calls makes a great impression on clients too.

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~ The Apex Office Centers Team ~