What’s a Virtual Office?

May 1, 2020

What’s a Virtual Office?

Work from home

Apex Office Centers will show you

Its when you work from home but want to pretend to clients that you don’t!

It has lots of other benefits, but the opening statement is a good synopsis.

It saves you a ton of money too, and it cuts down on your risk exposure.

Who wants to sign a 3 year lease on an office when things like Covid 19 can happen and leave you holding the baby?

How does it do that, you ask? Well, you only pay a month fee to Apex Office Centers to use our space whenever you need office space, we answer your phone and collect your mail. You then save the rent on a real office which runs to thousands of dollars. You also save on signing a lease for years which ties your capital up and subjects you to risk. Taking out a full time office is a scary thing!

So doing a Virtual office with professionals like Apex Office Centers is a good middle ground for a growing business. So you grow with out taking much risk yet.

You get to look like you have an office and it gives you all the prestige that showers on you. At Apex Office Centers we also answer your phone with professional receptionists, so again it all adds to the mystique of a company that is going places and is successful, and saves you the cost of actually employing a receptionist.

Apex Office Centers also rents out executive offices by the hour. So when you want to meet a client face to face you can meet at your Virtual Office thats now become real. Our receptionists will greet your client and look after them until your arrival and then show them into your office.

You can also come in for a few hours to get some heavy work in and away from the noise of home. This is a huge advantage over other who just work from home.

We can also schedule appointments for you when potential clients call. This way you never miss a client call again. Just think of the extra money you will make.

We take in your mail for you until you come in for pick up or we can forward it to you anywhere! We do so much for you, call to discover more or visit us in Roseville, California.

Call Apex Office Centers today and ask for John or Sherri. Call 916-677-4200.


by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers