Who Wants to be a Black Sheep?

July 10, 2019

Who Wants to be a Black Sheep?

Who Wants to be a Black Sheep?

Are YOU the Black Sheep?

It used to be an unappealing trait, as it meant being an outsider. However, as many things do, it has now become a much more positive force.

It originated from genetics throwing up the occasional sheep with black wool which was worthless as it could not be dyed. In the 18 and 19th Century in England it came to be known as the sign of the devil. It followed  on to be the outcast or the undesirable member of the family, and you don’t have to think too hard to know who that is.

Things change and now black wool is in big demand in the fashion industry.

“Black sheep are great. I take the black wool and mix it with white wool and make beautiful yarn from it: light grey, medium gray, dark gray, light tweed, medium tweed and dark tweed. You don’t have to dye it and you can make beautiful garments from black wool,”  says John Hart of Farm Progress.

Some may argue too, that being an outsider is not such a bad thing to be and even has an appeal in today’s world.

Apex Office Centers is an independent Virtual Office and Telephone Answering Service. For many years we were the outsiders in our industry, being small, family owned and eschewing the multi branch network, while the big global players pursued the opposite of what we stood for.

Our seemingly old fashioned style is now ‘de rigeur’ and even ‘a la mode’, and clients are now approaching us after leaving the global players as their business practices are becoming too cut throat. Paying a $1 per copy when you have a ream of 50 to photocopy seems a bit steep.

Our receptionists have been with us for over 12 years, and while that may have a connotation of being boring, it now has the appeal of solidity, continuity and having someone that really understands your company as opposed to having the third different receptionist that month.

If you like that idea Contact Us or better call us right now on 916-677-7200 and ask for John or Sherri.


by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers