Women Queue Longer for a Toilet than Men!

March 24, 2018

Women Queue Longer for a Toilet than Men!

How to achieve potty parity

Scientists at Ghent University have now investigated the phenomenon to find the reasons as well as the solution to cut ladies waiting times by half.

The first point is pretty simple, when architects design buildings, they allocate equal space to bathrooms for both sexes. The mens part though can contain 20-30% more useable areas as urinals take up less space.

The second is that ladies take 1 minute 30 seconds on average for each visit to the loo whereas men are just less than a minute. Thats 50% more time. All due to having to open and close doors on every visit and to remove more clothing.

As I know I will be asked the etymology of the word ‘ loo’, it comes from ‘gardyloo’. This is from the time before the sewer systems and human waste was thrown out of windows on to the street below, but not before shouting ‘gardyloo’ to warn passers by. This in itself was an attempt at making the act a little posher, as its an Anglicized form of the French gare (de) l’eau, beware of the water.


The scientists who were probably mainly men, came up with the solution of  the “unisex toilet,” which although it would reduce the waiting times, on average, by about a whooping 63%, it would not be the holy grail answer as not every woman would like to share a bathroom with men.

Female funnels as an equivalent to mens urinals was a also a mooted solution which didn’t get the green light. I wonder if they were going to be called Femfuns?

The better answer lies with the design in the first place. The House of Representatives only gave women a bathroom near the voting floor in 2011. Before then they had a real trek to make.

So the answer, to even out the amount of wait times for both the sexes,would be for women to have double the amount of toilets cubicles.

Surprising that it took a University research team to arrive at this conclusion whereas every queue outside a ladies loo could have told you the same thing.

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 by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers